Volvo Car - South Carolina Suppliers and Vendors

The State of South Carolina welcomes Volvo Cars’ first American manufacturing facility to the state. Known for innovation and a premium range of vehicles, Volvo Car has selected Berkeley County, South Carolina as the site for a new vehicle production facility that is expected to produce 100,000 cars annually.

As the Volvo Car project advances, the company will be examining supplier development opportunities, including: material, parts, equipment, services, sub-assemblies and various construction-related contractors. 

To assist with supplier and vendor development, the South Carolina Department of Commerce has set up a database for all businesses interested in being potential suppliers or vendors to Volvo Car. To be included in the supplier database, please complete an information form.

Volvo held an Indirect Purchasing Outreach event on September 7, 2016, at Trident Technical College in North Charleston, SC. The purpose was to share an overview of the various Indirect Purchasing categories, (items not on the car), and the need for supplier support.  The event was designed for potential suppliers to begin a dialogue and relationships. For those interested in the Indirect Purchasing phase of the project, (and for more information on Construction and Direct Purchasing) they can email:  

There may be other Volvo Supplier Outreach events during 2017.  Information on all future events will be shared with all companies in the Buy South Carolina database, as well as through normal media outlets and various business and professional associations.  

Thank you for your interest in Volvo Car - South Carolina. 

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