Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG)

The South Carolina Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program provides grants to units of local government in areas of the state that do not directly receive their own funding from HUD. CDBG grants can fund a wide variety of projects from revitalizing neighborhoods to improving community infrastructure, providing public facilities and creating or retaining jobs. The state program is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD.


Consolidated Plan

The State of South Carolina receives federal funding from the US  Department of Housing and Urban Development for four programs:

  • Community Development Block Grant Program, described on this page and administered by the SC Department of Commerce, Grants Administration
  • HOME Investment Partnerships administered by the SC State Housing Finance and Development Authority
  • Emergency Solutions Grants, previously known as Emergency Shelter Grants, administered by the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity
  • Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS administered by the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control, STD/HIV Division

The South Carolina Department of Commerce serves as the lead agency in preparing the Consolidated Plan, Annual Plans and Annual Performance Reports. Please visit to view or download the state's HUD Consolidated Plan documents.


Fair Housing

CDBG recipients must take action to affirmatively further fair housing. Recognizing the importance of fair housing benefits South Carolina's people and places. Please visit these web sites for information on how housing discrimination can be stopped or to determine if individual rights have been violated.

CDBG Applications

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program requires potential applicants to submit a request form. Application requests can be submitted at any time, but for the Community Development Program must be submitted at least thirty (30) days prior to the application due date. Applications, deadlines, and information on eligibility and how to apply can be found on the website. 



The South Carolina Department of Commerce makes available a CDBG Implementation Manual, as well as several other compliance guides focusing on specific areas. The Implementation Manual contains information necessary to manage and implement CDBG-funded projects. The most up-to-date version of the manual, and other resources, can be found on the CDBG website.

The Manual serves three purposes: assisting grant recipients in the day-to-day administration of their CDBG projects; providing practical information on how to implement a CDBG project that will meet legal, financial and program obligations; and providing the grant administrator a simple step-by-step approach beginning with grant approval, to set-up, implement, audit and close-out a CDBG project.