South Carolina has a highly reliable world-class communications network, designed and engineered to meet the wireless, high speed Internet access and voice service requirements of industry. This network is comprised of digital switching centers and copper and fiber-optic cable. Redundancy ensures the continuity of service.

Product development teams at the Columbia Design Center, Intel’s premiere R&D location in the Southeast, focus on the development and validation of new high-end telecommunications servers. The ability to work with local experts in the design, maintenance or outsourcing of integrated computer systems is a necessity for many businesses. South Carolina is home to many leading computer-related companies.

South Carolina has more than 1,586,036 high-speed lines (over 200 kilobits per second in at least one direction) connecting homes and businesses to the Internet. All South Carolina ZIP codes have high-speed Internet lines in service.

In satellite communications, teleconferencing has been a specialty of South Carolina Educational Television (SC ETV) for more than 30 years. ETV’s capability to deliver cost-effective digital satellite services to users throughout the state has been enhanced with the completion of the ETV Telecommunications Center in Columbia.