The SC Advantage

Need a reason to bring your business to South Carolina? We’ll give you 10 that will help your business thrive in SC's economy.

  1. Pro-Business Environment Named No. 5 in the nation for its regulatory environment by Forbes magazine. South Carolina provides the tools and structure for businesses to succeed.
  2. Strong, Dependable Workforce With low unionization rates and employees trained through readySC™, companies can depend on strong, dependable workers.
  3. Unparalleled InfrastructureLocated halfway between New York and Miami, South Carolina's integrated transportation system makes it easy to reach any market.
  4. Research & Innovation We know continual growth requires continual innovation. SCLaunch® turns research into high wage-earning jobs.
  5. Growth Incentives Ranked No.5 for best business climate, South Carolina offers incentives and tax breaks to help businesses grow.
  6. Small Business SupportThe Small Business Regulatory Committee ensures that South Carolina’s small businesses have a level playing field on which to compete.
  7. Location SitesSouth Carolina has more than 30,000 square miles of land, with available acreage and spec buildings in nearly every county.
  8. Affordable, Reliable EnergyDiverse power sources keep industrial electricity rates on average 12% less than the national average.
  9. Internationally KnownMore than 1,200 international firms have facilities in South Carolina, and that number continues to grow.
  10. Quality of LifeThe temperate climate makes it easy to enjoy the mountains, coastline, some of the greatest golf courses and plenty of sports and performing arts events.