Business Services: S.C. committed to emergency preparedness

While the official end of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season is November 30, it is critical that businesses remain prepared throughout the year for any type of emergency. 

Unfortunately, one in four businesses that close due to a disaster will not reopen. To combat that statistic, S.C. Commerce works to prepare industry for emergency response and recovery. 

This past month, the S.C. Commerce Business Services team led events focused on supporting businesses in times of disaster and helping them get back up and running. 

In conjunction with the South Carolina Emergency Management Division, S.C. Commerce hosted Emergency Support Function (ESF) new member orientation training in Columbia. S.C. Commerce leads the ESF-24 designation, aimed at supporting businesses and industry in times of disaster. The new members of ESF-24 include representatives from the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce, S.C. Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism and the S.C. Department of Insurance. The group learned about the mission of ESF-24 and its support function at the State Emergency Operations Center during crises.

Also, this month, the team and other emergency preparedness officials toured the C&S Wholesale Grocers distribution center in Mauldin to learn first-hand from an industry perspective the tools and resources needed during and after a disaster. The group, which included representatives from FEMA, Greenville County Emergency Management and the S.C. Emergency Management Division, was able to discuss ways to regroup after an event and, most importantly, reentry.   

Advanced preparation in all forms safeguards lives, protects property and returns business to normal. If your business is interested in continuity planning, hosting a workshop or being added to an ESF-24 notification list, please email

ESF-24 orientation

ESF-24 new member orientation

Wholesalers emergency prep
Team S.C. at C&S Wholesale Grocers