Message from Secretary Hitt: Introducing the Recycling Markets Directory

bobby quoteRecycling is a green growth industry in South Carolina, with the total economic impact of the sector now exceeding $13 billion. 

In an effort to expand this industry, the S.C. Department of Commerce and S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control launched a new, online recycling tool this week that creates a network for recyclable materials. The Recycling Markets Directory is a collaborative resource that connects companies with recyclable waste products with other organizations that can utilize the materials. 

This online tool helps manufacturers keep valuable materials in motion by reducing waste and helping businesses meet sustainability goals. The directory features more than 300 South Carolina recycling companies, and it allows manufacturers to easily find recyclers in the area. Users can search by category, service area or keywords, and searches are downloadable and include company contact information. 

This new platform provides the essential links between businesses and industries searching for markets for recyclables and can ultimately help companies save money, improve supply chain resilience and generate value through reusable materials. 

The Recycling Market Development team at S.C. Commerce works diligently to advance and grow recycling initiatives and industry in our state, and the new Recycling Markets Directory is the latest tool in our arsenal. After all, recycling reduces waste, creates jobs and boosts the economy. A win-win.