Message from Secretary Hitt: Reflecting on impact

As we embark on the last few weeks of this year, it's only natural to start reflecting on what we have accomplished over the last 12 months. The close of 2019 is particularly notable as it will also usher in a new decade. And, while we tend to be reflective on an annual basis, this is a unique opportunity to take a broader look at economic development and its impact on South Carolina over the last 10 years. 

Between now and the end of December, I will be sharing highlights - illustrating the impact - of Team S.C.'s collaborative work. For example, there are 350,000 more South Carolinians working today than there were at the beginning of this decade. These jobs represent opportunities for our friends, families, neighbors and strangers to improve their quality of life. 
In the reflective spirit of the season, those jobs and the work Team S.C. does every day are making an impact, which is - after all - in line with our true mission.