Message from Secretary Hitt: S.C.'s burgeoning recycling sector

It's no secret that South Carolina has been leading the manufacturing renaissance. From premium automobiles to state-of-the-art aircraft, each time a finished product rolls off an assembly line in this state, it helps solidify our reputation as a global leader in manufacturing. 

Naturally, as more goods are produced in South Carolina, more waste is also produced; and developing systems for managing excess materials can be challenging. That's where the S.C. Commerce Recycling Market Development team offers businesses within our borders invaluable resources. Recycling is a $13 billion industry in our state, employing 22,000 South Carolinians. And, our recycling team is ahead of the curve in assisting companies with recycling programs and finding markets for hard-to-recycle materials, as well as providing materials management consultations, matchmaking opportunities and more. 
Leading up to America Recycles Day tomorrow (11/15), a nationwide initiative dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling, it's important we recognize the lasting impact recycling makes not only on our sustainability efforts, but also on our economy. To promote additional awareness on the home front, Governor McMaster has also declared tomorrow South Carolina Recycles Day to encourage waste reduction, reuse of materials and recycling. 
After all, a strong recycling sector allows us to protect our environment for future generations, while also bringing opportunities and prosperity to all corners of South Carolina.