News in Recycling: Scrap Tire Conference

The Scrap Tire Research and Education Foundation, Inc. (STREF), the U.S Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) and the S.C. Department of Commerce partnered to host the 8th annual Scrap tire Recycling Conference this week in Greenville. 

As the scrap tire industry’s premier market developing and emerging trends conference, the event offers valuable opportunities for industry leaders, regulators and stakeholders to review key developments in scrap tire management. 

A major pillar of South Carolina’s automotive industry is tire manufacturing. Leading the nation in both the production and export of tires, approximately 110,000 tires are produced in the state each day. 

And, each year, the state generates around five million tires for disposal. If these are not properly managed, the tires pose potential health risks, environmental concerns or could end up being illegally dumped. 

If recycled, tires can be made into materials including fuels, rubber modified asphalt and in civil engineering applications. 

Team S.C. is committed to being a leader in helping advance scrap tire market development. With South Carolina being an epicenter of tire manufacturing, the state has a unique opportunity to lead the way in growing sustainable, circular markets for scrap tires. 

Scrap Tire Conference